beginners questions serie: how to start audio in mediabox-CK and change controls

I have searched the web for the question, how to influence the width of the controls of audio and I have found:
If a webdesigner wants to design the controls and even if he only wants to influence the width, he has to use a proprietary JS-player for hies website. Otherwise the result is browser dependent.

Therefore I give up my wish, to have the width of the controls defined. I have found, that I have to set both dimensions to the rel="lightbox[500 110]" in order to get the close button outside the region of the controls via the height dimension. The value for width will be neglected by the browser. I have checked this via Firefox and Chromium, both on desktop.

You write, that you have checked my test webpage and everything seemed to be OK and responsive. May be you have checked wit a desktop browser and perhaps simulated mobile by a browser plug in. – My everyday Android 11 with an up to date Firefox shows, that your advice concerning the centering of the mediabox does not work. Independent from the kind of mediabox (video, audio, iframe with HTML) the mediabox is pushed up vertically, so that it is unusable.
I will continue to discuss this in the appropriate thread about the centering of the mediabox.
by raphi

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position issue answered in the other thread

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by ced1870

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