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Results of autoscan was created by sarahhayesuk

Posted 9 months 3 weeks ago #68611

I've run the autoscan and the result is 4 Google Analytics cookies and one unknown cookie.

The unknown cookie has the key _ga_M0SQC4GW3S. Is this related to Google?

If I check the cookies for the website with Chrome I get,, and

Am I correct in thinking that one of the 4 cookies listed under Google Analytic is ?
Would the YouTube cookies also come under the 4 cookies listed as Google Analytics, or would this be the Unknown cookie?

CKCookies Pro 3.3.4

Thank you

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Replied by ced1870 on topic Results of autoscan

Posted 9 months 3 weeks ago #68626
the _ga_ cookies are generally related to Google Analytics
I can not tell you exactly because I'm not aware of all existing cookies, but you shall find the useful info on the web
for youtube and others, you don't have the cookies on your own websites. They store the cookies but inside the iframes. You can use the iframe blocker in the Cookies CK plugin options to avoid that is related to Google Ad


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by ced1870

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