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Posted 5 months 2 weeks ago #70975

I have an inherited menu structure which has top level links that need to be clickable and go to pages.

In mobile menu I have set the menu settings so that you can click on the + to open the sub menus, or click on the menu title to go to that page, but what I would like, is for the menu to work like DJ Megamenu Offcanvas menu. So in addition to clicking on the +, the first click on the menu item title opens the sub menu in the same way that clicking on the  + does. But the second time you click on the title, the user is taken to the link/page for that top level menu item.

Users natuarlly click on the title and find it frustrating that they can see a glimps of the sub menu opening, but they are taken to the top level page (which more often than not they don't want to visit) and then have to go back to the menu to view/click on the submenu items.

Is this possible?

Thank you

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Replied by ced1870 on topic Parent Menu Item

Posted 3 months 1 week ago #71660
sorry for the late answer but I did not see your question before
for now the behavior that you are aksing is not available in the mobile menu
the "+/-" icons are used to toggle the submenus and the menu item redirects to the page, this is the normal behavior and I don't think that this is a problem


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by ced1870

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