Upgrade from 2x to 3x

Upgrade from 2x to 3x was created by KenHorse

Posted 1 year 5 months ago #64813
I'm migrating my website from Joomla 3.10xx to Joomla 4.1.4 and all went well. I followed your directions to update CK Menu to 3.x and that seems to have gone well too EXCEPT when I publish the menu to my template, it breaks the frontend (the backend is working perfectly)

Here's just some of the errors:
0 Class 'JApplication' not found Call stack # Function Location 1 () JROOT/components/com_joomgallery/helpers/routing.php:72 2 JoomRouting::checkItemid() JROOT/components/com_joomgallery/router.php:150 3 JoomGalleryBuildRoute() JROOT/libraries/src/Component/Router/RouterLegacy.php:69 4 Joomla\CMS\Component\Router\RouterLegacy->build() JROOT/libraries/src/Router/SiteRouter.php:478 5 Joomla\CMS\Router\SiteRouter->buildSefRoute() JROOT/libraries/src/Router/Router.php:425 6 Joomla\CMS\Router\Router->processBuildRules() JROOT/libraries/src/Router/Router.php:197 7 Joomla\CMS\Router\Router->build() JROOT/libraries/src/Router/Route.php:143 8 Joomla\CMS\Router\Route::link() JROOT/libraries/src/Router/Route.php:92 9 Joomla\CMS\Router\Route::_() JROOT/components/com_accordeonmenuck/helpers/source/menu.php:233

I'm obviously doing something wrong....
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Last edit: 1 year 5 months ago by KenHorse.

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Replied by KenHorse on topic Upgrade from 2x to 3x

Posted 1 year 5 months ago #64814
I found the problem - one of the menu items was pointing to a non Joomla 4 extension. Sorry

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